Offshore Supply Assist

Hawaii Resource Group (HRG) provides specialized offshore vessels and crew to execute specific oceanographic tasks throughout the Pacific. Beginning in 2006, HRG has completed numerous charters to the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument (PMNM) to support government agencies like Fish & Wildlife, State of Hawaii DAR, and NOAA missions. We started with our vessel MV Kahana which was brought to Hawai'i and modified for this purpose. Today, we operate MV Imua and MV Kahana II in this capacity. Since 2006, no other contract operator has spent more time in the Monument. Our vessels have been modified to completely abide by the special PMNM operating rules and are equipped with the identification tracking systems. Our performance and capability is completely proven to ensure that these critical missions are completed successfully.

The MV Imua and MV Kahana II have been/can be retrofitted with cranes and other attachments. Both vessels also have enough deck space to accommodate containers and fuel drums. MV Imua has a detachable A-Frame on the stern. This feature, when attached, allows operators to haul large oceanographic instruments such as buoys and associated lines safely from the ocean.

Location of operation; Kewalo Shipyard (O'ahu)

Offshore Supply Vessel Inquiries

Please contact Mark Delventhal ( with any OSV inquiries.