Land & Shipyard Services

Ship Husbandry Services

P&R Water Taxi has extended our services to include logistics on land through Manoa Resources LLC.  Manoa Resources LLC has the capacity to be a ship chandler (fulfilment of anything from food, sundry items, deck and engine supplies/spares, gift items, personal shopper).  These items can be picked up and stored ahead of the vessel's arrival.  When the vessel arrives, these items can be placed on our launch boats and taken off port.  Additionally, we are able to handle incoming domestic and international air/ocean freight consolidation to load upon vessel arrival, incoming/outgoing mail consolidation, trucking services, equipment rental, and labor services.  We specialize in domestic and foreign garbage removal and disposal, and domestic and bonded freight movements.

Vessel Repair

Kewalo Shipyard has been providing shipyard services for over 100 years (when it was still known as Hawaiian Tuna Packers).  As Honolulu Marine, a breadth of specialized services for vessel repair and maintenance is still provided.  We have the ability to work with wood, metal, fiberglass, pipe, and electrical.  The machine shop allows for repairs and customization builds of all types.  We can repair outboard motors, complete custom structural shipfitting, diesel engine repair for Detroit, Deere, Cummings, and Caterpiller engines, and able to weld aluminum, steel, and CRES materials.  Painting, blasting, and coating are some of the exterior work that can be completed.

Vessel Dry Docking

At Kewalo Shipyard is a wharf that has quite the history in Honolulu.  We are able to dry dock vessels up to 120 feet in length and a new construction vessel tonnage not exceeding 250 tons.  Having serviced wooden "sanpan" aku boats of the antiquity to servicing and constructing the Tiger Tug class tug boats of our fleet, Kewalo Shipyard can meet the needs of most vessels in Hawai'i's waters.

At our floating dry dock, we are able to service a variety of vessels types.  The ability to submerge and rise without the use of winches provides a unique ability to repair and maintain vessels.  The floating dry dock has a length of 120 feet, clearance between wingwalls of 48 feet, and a tonnage capacity not exceeding 665 tons.

Vessel Construction

New vessel construction up to 250 tons at Kewalo Shipyard provides many opportunities.  Not only can the construction of new vessels be completed at the shipyard, but we have the ability to construct retrofits and craft customized modifications to existing vessels. Our shipyard facilities are able to construct and dry dock steel and aluminum commercial vessels up to 120 feet in length, and modify existing vessels up to 250 feet at our wharf.

All vessels in our Tiger Tug fleet have been constructed at Kewalo Shipyard.  Tiger 1 was constructed in 100 days!  Launch vessels in our fleet such as Hikino and Mana'o were also built at our shipyard.

History of Kewalo Shipyard

Kewalo Shipyard (a.k.a. Hawaiian Tuna Packers of Castle & Cooke, Inc.) has been a fixture in the island economy for almost 100 years.  The shipyard supported the local commercial fishing fleet during its early years and expanded into government contracting.  Honolulu Marine purchased the facility at 123 Ahui Street in 1984 from Castle & Cooke Inc. at which time we made substantial improvements to increase the tonnage capacity and labor force.  Maintaining the core business of servicing the commercial fishing fleet, we aggressively purchased other commercial and government contracts.  During this time frame, we experienced a transition from wooden vessels to vessels of other materials such as steel, aluminum, and fiberglass.  With the changes in the industry we re-tooled and re-trained our workforce to accommodate this newfound business.

Additional challenges followed the 1991 Gulf War, 9/11 Terror Attacks, and increased Homeland Security creating unimaginable shifts of business in the industry.  However, with innovation, foresight, re-tooling, and re-training, we once again managed to discover other opportunities which prior had not been touched.  This challenge was new construction.  With the aid of digital computer cutting, material could be ordered from the mainland ready for assembly.  Not an easy task, we traveled the country learning about the process, equipment, and skills required to be successful.  The learning curve proved to be immense as we proceeded with our new venture.  Our skill level improved to become a competitive player and making a name for ourselves in the market place.  At the 2006 International Work Boat Expo in New Orleans, two of our vessels were promoted as "state of the art" by two separate vendors.  We have been able to accomplish this remarkable success story without funding assistance from any State or federal agency.

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